25 kg electromechanical composting machine

25 kg electromechanical composting machine

IOTA 1/25
Maximum weight in the tank:
25 kg/day
156 x 75,8 x 116,4 cm
Private users
Restaurants and catering facilities
Rental for organizers of events such as parties and village festivals
Company canteens, school canteens, commercial structures, food shops
Tourist activities, hotels, villages and camping sites, medium-large restaurants, agritourisms
More details
Product material: Mixed compost soil improver (ACM) or Stabilized Organic Fraction (FOS)
Odor treatment: absent thanks to the drainage into the sewer or the presence of a biofilter
Electrical characteristics: three-phase, 415 V - 7 A - 3,1 kW
Internet connectivity: yes
Shredder: integrated
Second entrance: without shredder
Material: SS304 stainless steel
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Komposta composters are made of stainless steel. They spped up natural decomposition processes of organic waste. Organic waste (both food and green waste) can be disposed of in two different inlets, one of which is provided with a shredder. Parameters and athmosphere inside the composting chamber can be controlled and monitored, both manually and by remote downloading an app.

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Food waste such as fruits, vegetables, fish bones, chicken bones, semi-liquid waste, mowing and pruning, sawdust, compostable dishes and containers.
Coconut shells, large bones or branches, large shells, inorganic materials.
  • Benefits and grants change in each state. Let's discuss it together!
  1. free compost management by users in their green areas
  2. for optimal use, depending on each machine, output must rest for a few days before use
  3. sale or transfer to companies distributing fertilizers and soil improvers
  4. sale or transfer to those who have agricultural land
  5. transfer with the separate collection service of organic material reduced by 80% (option not recommended)
  6. under specific conditions, output can be used as animal feed.
No, they won't. Odor treatment is foreseen for each machine model.
Three-phase electrical wiring and, depending on the model, sewer drain (waste water) or connection to the ventilation system. Specific requirements are present in the description of each model.
The use of Komposta machines guarantees a reduction in the environmental impact of CO2 even higher than 80% compared to the costs associated with the collection and treatment of wet waste using traditional methods.

Tailor-made solutions

All our composters have a 2006/42 / EEC safety certification in Europe.
Based on the estimated daily waste weight, we will suggest a customized solution.
The quantity of organic and compostable waste that can be processed ranges from 25 kg / day to 1000 kg / day.
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