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Komposta benefit company is a startup that aims at reducing the environmental impact associated with the disposal of organic waste and promotes their transformation into a fertile and nutritious soil, through the use of selected composting machines.

Komposta offers a wide range of innovative electromechanical composting machines, of various capacities and sizes, suitable for meeting the needs of restaurants, canteens, hospitality facilities, hospitals, schools, events, festivals and celebrations. 
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Why start composting?

Electromechanical composters reduce the environmental impact and the inefficiency of a centralized organic waste management. Small-scale composting cuts transport costs and waste taxes, giving back a fertile outcome which is highly rich in nutrients. This compost increases soil fertility of agricultural fields, pots and green areas. 

Organic waste stops being polluting waste and it is turned into a resource, a raw biomass able to fertilize soil and generate new products.
Composting offers a viable alternative to a poor centralized waste management, paving the way for circular economy.

the benefits of small-scale composting

environmental benefit

With food waste composters you can cut transport costs and considerably reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill or burned. This way small-scale composting reduces GHGs and ground water pollution. It helps people that want to take part into a new cycle of social cooperation and co-responsibility.

practical benefit

Damp and smelly organic waste bags are replaced by efficient and odorless composters that can be controlled remotely. Small-scale composting optimizes processes and returns fertile and nutrient soil, reusable in every garden, planter or vase.

economic benefit

In the mechanism of circular economy management costs are offset by the transformation of waste into a resource.
Besides, European law-makers are offering grants for the purchase of a composting machine.

Tailor-made solutions

All our composters have a 2006/42 / EEC safety certification in Europe.
Based on the estimated daily waste weight, we will suggest a customized solution.
The quantity of organic and compostable waste that can be processed ranges from 25 kg / day to 1000 kg / day.
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Soluzioni su misura

Tutte le nostre compostiere hanno una certificazione della sicurezza 2006/42/cee in Europa.
In base al peso di rifiuti giornalieri stimato vi suggeriremo una soluzione personalizzata.
 La quantità di rifiuti organici e compostabili processabili va dai 25 Kg/giorno ai 3000 Kg/giorno.

Percorso di una Consulenza

Ogni comunità ha processi di  produzione dei rifiuti diversi e richiede compostiere differenti


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Composting is the only possible solution to mitigate the environmental impact

of the volume of the refusal conferred, in 24 hours
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fertile and usable soil returned

Komposta start up benefit


Komposta is a start-up that promotes the diffusion and distribution of composters, in Italy and abroad, born from professionals coming from consolidated and active experiences in the green economy sector (compostable disposable products and a Plastic Free certification). We are decided to respond to the need to close the circular process up to the phase of composting, through a broad and professional service.

Di Paolo

Zaira Di Paolo, founder of Ekoe, one of the most active companies in Italy in the green economy that distributes compostable dishes and shares a sustainable vision among its stakeholders. Through Ekoe, she contributed to the realization of the first municipality in the world that abolished the consumption of disposable plastic. She is a pioneer of the Plastic Free movement in Italy and President of Plastic Free Certification.

Giuseppe Sarua

Giuseppe Sarua Cinquegrana, Strategy consultant of the company. It makes its expertise and managerial know-how available on a daily basis, gained over years of experience in the bioplastics sector, proving to be a professional reference point in the sector.


Giacomo Di Marco, young public accountant, specialized on consulting for new companies involved in environmental protection, innovation and new technologies. Sensitive to solidarity and passionate about cuisine, he enjoys creative activities and Tango Argentino.

Di Marco

Giovanni Candeloro, young professional of the Third Sector, where he served as educator, case-manager, and fund-raiser. He developed experiences in international cooperation in Ecuador, Morocco, Palestine and since the beginning of 2020 he collaborates with Plastic Free Certification. He is passionate about mountains and is an amateur trumpet-player.


Expert in Russian culture and language, after graduating in Languages ​​for International Cooperation she begins to collaborate with realities in the circular economy.
Passionate about Russian cuisine and sociology.


Eliseo Celani, graduated in mechanical engineering with a thesis focused on the study of the environmental impact of energy recovery systems using LCA methodology. He has work experience in agriculture and is passionate about trekking.

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