Small scale composting machines

Komposta composters are electromechanical machines that accelerate, through appropriate devices, the natural processes of decomposition of organic waste.

The treatment of organic waste becomes transparent and traceable, a cycle within everyone's reach.

Sale and rental of electromechanical composters

Komposta makes its composters available for sale or rental, from 1 to 12 months. Request a free consultation to understand which is the best alternative for your reality.

Tailored solutions

All our composters comply with European standards, equipped with a 2006/42/CE safety certification valid at community level.
Based on the estimated daily weight of waste, we will find a customized solution together, accompanying you with continuous training and assistance.
The amount of organic and compostable waste that can be processed in standard composters ranges from 25 to 200 kg per day.

how to use composters

consultancy and training

All our composters have a 2006/42/CE safety certification in Europe.
Based on the estimated daily weight of waste, we will suggest a customized solution, accompanying you with ongoing training and assistance.
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