Organic waste treatment machine 35 kg

Organic waste treatment machine 35 kg

ETA 35
Maximum weight in the tank:
35 kg
78 x 94 x 98 cm
Restaurants and catering facilities
Utenze private
More details
Energy consumption for medium cycle: 19.6 kWh / cycle
Treatment of absent odors thanks to the discharge of liquids into the sewer
Machine weight: 200 kg
Electrical characteristics: 4.5 kW; three-phase 440 V, 50 HZ
Remote management via app
Shredder: absent
Finish: AISI 430 satin stainless steel
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Our Eta machines carry out organic crushing and compaction cycles in a sealed chamber, returning a liquid and a solid, dry and sterilized residue equal to 10-30% of the volume of the original waste, without changing its chemical composition. Our machines are therefore not disposal plants and the generated output can be qualified as a simple by-product. The organic matrix generated by the machine can be exploited for the production of soil improver fertile for the soil or as feed, independently or with the help of third parties.

Easy installation

The dimensions of the machines, the wheels and the possibility of draining into the sewer allow for convenient installation in any kitchen.

Technology 4.0

Komposta Eta machines are 4.0 certified and allow easy remote management and certifies the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Compliant with HACCP

They guarantee cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace in full compliance with HACCP protocols.

Food waste such as fruit, vegetables, fish bones, chicken bones, semi-liquid organics, mowing and pruning, sawdust, compostable dishes and containers.
Coconut shells, large bones, large shells, inorganic materials.
  • The tax advantages change in each state
  1. autonomous management by the user on their green areas
  2. for optimal use, depending on the individual machines, the output must rest a few days before use
  3. sale or transfer to companies producing fertilizers and soil improvers
  4. sale or transfer to those who have agricultural land
  5. transfer with the separate collection service of organic material reduced by 80% (option not recommended)
  6. with some machines, the output can be used as animal feed.
No, the odor treatment is specified for each machine model.
Electrical connection (three-phase) and, depending on the model, drain into the sewer (waste water) or connection to the ventilation system. The specifications are present in the description of the various models.
No, only the extraordinary one in case of electrical or mechanical failure.
The use of Komposta machines guarantees a reduction in the environmental impact of CO2 even higher than 80% compared to the costs associated with the collection and treatment of wet waste using traditional methods.

Tailor-made solutions

All our composters have a 2006/42 / EEC safety certification in Europe.
Based on the estimated daily waste weight, we will suggest a customized solution.
The quantity of organic and compostable waste that can be processed ranges from 25 kg /day to 300 kg /day.
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compostatore aerobico
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Machine for the stabilized organic fraction - ETA

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